KBS Overview

“Providing Last Mile Solutions”













KBS is a veteran-owned small business since 2008. KBS is dedicated to research and development expanding manufacturing of Concrete Reinforcement Bars strategically to the market supply and promoting the increased use of GBar Reinforcement Bars (GFRP) Bars, Dowels, Rods, Mats and Bolts. Our product line was the first to successfully develop the “full-thread” GFRP Rockbolt, GBolt® and GFRP Reinforcement Bars, GBar®. Both productions are widely used in the fields of GFRP Concrete reinforcement infrastructure construction tunnel support and coal mine bracing. Its production has received the highest level of honor and reputation from its customers.

KBS’ GBar®, GBolt® & GMat® brands are renowned for environment friendly products with guidelines to meet the increasing global demand. KBS is committed to continue to stimulate the delivery of State-of-the-Art production processes, consistently high quality and best priced products.

In addition to the product attributes, GBar-GBolt, GFRP reinforcement has special characteristics that are especially attractive for the Military (DOD), Army Corps of Engineers (ACE), the Department of Transportation (DOT), Department of State (DOS) and Private Construction applications.

This strategic cooperation foundation will catapult KBS into the global market to meet the growing demand of GFRP Concrete Reinforcement.